Police arrest Baltimore dirt bike 'godfather,' allege he maintained a 'chop shop'


We can do more worldwide to stop preventable diseases [Commentary]

I am a pediatrician and a mother of three young children. During the summer months, our family of five traveled to India. Like any mom, I was worried about the luggage, car seats and kids not liking the spicy food when we got there, but on the second day of the trip, a mother brought an 18-month-old child with a fever, rash and "sick-looking eyes" for me to examine, and everything fell into perspective. The child had measles, which is a disease I have never seen as a U.S.-trained physician. I have been trained to save lives, but I felt helpless with a child who had contracted measles. This lovely boy was so sick that he could not stand on his own feet. In 2014, measles killed...