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Lung Cancer
Facing cancer, and finding heaven on earth
Facing cancer, and finding heaven on earth

Oren Miller's children — 6-year-old Liam and 4-year-old Madeline — lean in close as they play Chutes and Ladders with their dad. "OK, Madeline, you're at 42. Count forward six," he says, his voice gentle. He is wearing three layers despite the warmth of the kitchen of his Owings Mills home. He is always cold these days. He has lost 40 pounds since May, when he was diagnosed with cancer. He went to get checked for shortness of breath and pain in his back. Doctors told him he had fluid around his lungs, a clot in his heart. And then, lung cancer. It had already spread to his liver, his lymph nodes and his brain by the time he was diagnosed. He had a year...