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Diseases and Illnesses
Timonium family has scare with baby botulism
Timonium family has scare with baby botulism

Vibrant with big blue eyes and brown hair with a tint of red, 5-month-old Madison "Maddie" Wright had reached all her developmental milestones; she could roll over, sit up on her own and hold her head up. Then, one day in January, her abilities began to decline rapidly. Within days, she lay limp like a rag doll, unable to lift her limbs and head. Her eyes looked vacant, and her cries sounded labored and guttural. Doctors soon diagnosed infant botulism, a disease so rare that a physician might see only one case in a career. The disease damages the neuromuscular system, resulting in gradual paralysis. There were just 122 cases in the United States in 2012, according to the...