If indeed karma, good and bad, does exist in this world, I wish it would rear its head soon. Glenn Beck, in particular, seems ripe for a major does of cosmic blowback.

 The Weeping Pundit’s latest crime against all that is good in this world is his assertion that the victims of the Viking Massacre in Norway were “like Hitler Youth.”

 Beck is, by implication, saying that the children who were innocently attending a summer camp sponsored by the Labor Party in Norway had it coming to them. It’s the same logic that says that a woman who dresses in a skirt that ends above her knee is asking to be raped. In the demented worldview of Beck and his flock, anything with “labor” in its title means “Communist” or “liberal” and, therefore, is bad and fully deserving of mass slaughter and terrorist attack.

 Never mind that the real “Hitler Youth” was the shooter, a white supremacist manchild who fancies himself heir to the pure racial lines of his Viking forebears. Never mind that Glenn Beck’s brain is like the inside of a cage full of gerbils on meth. Never mind that Beck’s followers and others who have attempted to downplay the massacre are little better than the people who thought Adolf Hitler had a few good ideas in the 1930s, before he started exterminating half of Europe. [See the superb bestseller In the Garden of the Beasts by Erik Larson for details].

 Glenn Beck may be mad as a hatter but he has children. He knows what it’s like, as a parent, to dread anything terrible happening to his children. He knows how his comments would sound to his own ears if some jihadists joked about a massacre of children at the exclusive Connecticut prep school to which he sends his. 

 When called on it, Beck doubled down on the hate speech, comparing the Obama administration to “the Third Reich.”


 In the end, you can only echo Joseph Welch who said, toward the end of Sen. Joe McCarthy’s reign of terror in the 1950s, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”