Its the 2nd round of the district 3 playoffs and the Frenzy Game of the Week is a big showdown between South Western and Cumberland Valley.

Kyle Friend, CV Lineman

"Our intensity has been brough to a new level."

Everything gets turned up a notch in the postseason based on one simple phrase.

Kyle Friend, CV Lineman

"If you lose you are done."

If the Eagles keep flying high, they will make school history.

"Cumberland Valley hasn't won 3 district championships in a row before and we have an opportunity to do that this year so we definitely want to be someone different and get that 3rd district championship."

To do that, CV needs to slow down, the very hot Mustangs.

Tim Rimpfel, CV Head Coach

"In their last 3 games they have averaged 42 points a game. They have the talent, the size, speed, experience and coaching, they are going to be a tough team."

A squad that is very simliar to the Eagles.

Tim Rimpfel, CV Head Coach

"We both run the wing T offense and an even front defense, a lot of simliarities and heck we could trade each others playbook."

Not so fast on that one. South Western has added some wrinkles to their traditional offense.

Don Siedenstricker, SW Head Coach

"3 and a half yard pistol set, which is really nothing more than the old single wing out f the wing T. Thats our starting point and also a full 5 in the shotgun and we have worked it a couple of different ways."

And the players don't mind the pressure of facing the number 1 seed.

Ryan Dotson, SW Lineman

"Pressure is good and it keeps us all going . I think we have a good group of guys because we are all playing together as a team."

Mike Felton, SW RB

"We have a common goal, we want to win, we are all in this year, thats our saying and everybody knows what we have to do to succeed."

Kickoff is Friday night at 7pm at CV. Don't forget to catch the Frenzy at 6pm and the highlights on FOX 43 News at 10 and 11 and on