Crew Mix-Tapes:

Garry's mixtape
a. Chestnut Mare: The Bryds
b. Something About You: Boston

Laura's mixtape
A. Love Shack: B-52s
B. Baby Baby: Amy Grant
C. Everybody's Crazy About My Baby: Marie Osmond
D. Dumas Walker: Kentucky Head Hunters
E. Achy Breaky Heart: Billy Ray Cyrus

Jarrett's mixtape
a. Spit on a Stranger: Pavement
b. The Mystery Zone: Spoon
c. Carry the Zero: Built to Spill
d. Some Trees: Cymbals Eat Guitars
e. This Tornado Loves You: Neko Case

Your Mixtapes:

1. Sheila
a. Crossroads: Eric Clapton