How much would you pay to drive in the fast lane? Tribune reporter, Richard Wronski, gives details on traffic congestion pricing and the benefits of paying a little extra to drive in a lane that has no back-ups, stop and go, and traffic jams. Let me tell you something. I hate traffic. The windshield time of commuting is the biggest waste of time known to man and I'm sure you hate it too. Call me if you are sick of traffic jams and parking lots in the middle of the circle interchange, the toll roads, the Dan Ryan, Edens, Stevenson, Kennedy and the Bishop Ford. Does Chicago need Hot Lanes? H.O.T. Stands for High Occupancy Toll Lanes which means you pay a premium to get into a lane with no traffic . They allow you to be on your merry way and flow to your destination. These lanes are being considered in 22 states and charging motorists for the privilege of having a clear path, just might be the answer. But if traffic was slowing down on your way to work or home, would you be willing to pay from $1 to $10 to maintain highway speed? They already have them in Minneapolis, MN, and in Orange County, CA, but drivers are paying on average, about 3 bucks for the fast lane. You know you hate that Dan Ryan elevated curve, that starts bouncing when too many cars get up there. It makes for a pretty view of the city, but you're gonna be late for work. Are you willing to pay to reduce your traffic jam headaches? Should you just leave a little bit earlier, exercise your patience, and relax? You decide.