It's been almost eight years since a little girl was kidnapped and raped in Wyoming. Now, police are going back to the public, hoping to solve this cold case.

The little girl was almost four years old when the incident happened August 10, 2002. The man walked into what was then the Amsterdam Gardens Apartmenta and broke into a unit while the girl's mother slept. He lured the girl out with the promise of candy, took the girl, and held her captive for five hours, sexually assaulting her. He then dropped her off on Grange Avenue near 13 Mile near some corn fields in Algoma Township, 20 miles from home. The little girl walked up to a house and asked for help.

The girl was so young and terrified, police were not able to get a lot of information from her But she mentioned a red pickup truck. Someone else reported seeing a suspicious truck in the area of the apartments that morning. "We know it was red and that there was some sort of debris or something in the back, potentially wood, potentially rocks, something like that," Wyoming Police Detective Timothy Pols told FOX 17 News.

Police believe after eight years someone may be willing to come forward with information to help them make an arrest. Silent Observer is still offering a reward of up to a thousand dollars for information that leads to a conviction.