A father of three daughters is shot in Grand Rapids as he walked home from his job.  

Now his friends and co-workers want the people responsible caught and punished.  They also want the violence in their neighborhood to end.

Vincent Johnson started walking home around 2:00 Tuesday morning, leaving Rinaldi's Pizza and Subs at the corner of Fulton and Diamond.

Johnson walked a little more than a half a mile away, the 1100 block of Logan Street SE, when he was shot and critically injured.

For the past 6 months Johnson worked as a chef at Rinaldi's along side co-owner Tony O'Berry.

"It's pretty neat to have an executive chef help out and slang pies in the oven," said O'Berry.

Before working at Rinaldi's, Johnson built up an impressive resume.

"He's run a couple different kitchens throughout the city," O'Berry said.

But a heart condition setback the progress Johnson was making in life.

O'Berry said, "He actually had to have part of his heart removed and spent a couple years in recovery from that."

Still O'Berry says Johnson was getting back on track, heading in a good direction.  Around 2:00 Tuesday morning both Johnson and O'Berry were closing up for the night.

"He likes walking home because of the heart surgery," O'Berry said of Johnson.  "He likes going for walks to help recover his heart.  I offer him every night I say, 'Do you want a ride home? No I'll walk, I'm good.' "

It was during that walk home when Johnson was attacked. 

Officers arrived to find the victim suffering from gunshot wounds. Police say Johnson was still conscious and told police he was attacked by a group of teenage boys, all wearing dark clothing.

O'Berry said Johnson was shot three times, "Once in the hand and twice in the stomach."

According to O'Berry violence is common near his restaurant.

"We call the police regulary," he said.  "Because of the happenings in the neighborhood."

O'Berry said he wants to see police take a proactive approach to crime fighting.

"When you see someone that looks to be a minor at two in the morning walking down the street, why wouldn't you pull them over and say, 'Let me see your ID?' "

He hopes the violence will end before some else O'Berry knows gets shot after leaving his restaurant.

Police are still investigating and no arrests have been made. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.