Police have arrested a man after an infant with numerous broken bones was admitted to DeVos Children's Hospital.

The child, a 3-month-old boy, suffered broken arms, legs, and all of his ribs. In all, authorities say doctors discovered the boy had more than 14 broken bones. Police say the abuse occurred at York Creek Apartments in Alpine Township.

Police investigated, and arrested the boyfriend of the baby's mother, Andrew Valdez of Comstock Park. He faces 2nd degree child abuse charges and habitual offender charges. Authorities say Valdez is not the infant's biological father.

FOX 17 was there as 24-year-old Andrew Valdez walked out of the jail free on bond.  We asked him to explain the child's injuries, he told us to ask the boy's mother.

A person close to the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the injuries happened a few days before the child was ever admitted to the hospital.  According to the anonymous source, the injuries were discovered by the child's babysitter which prompted the baby to be taken to the hospital.

Valdez will be back in court on November 7th.