People in Ottawa County still shaken up after wind, rain and non-stop lightning blew in just after 1a.m. The most reports of damage are coming out of Lamont and Marne. Lamont Farmer Paul VanderSloot is still taking it all in.

"It's the worst I've ever seen, trees down all over, shingles are all over."

The wind picked up VanderSloot's cattle barn and blew it into his driveway. Paul could only listen to the storm as it blasted through his farm injuring a few of his cows. He says there was no warning.

"We can't hear the sirens, I was awoken by the storm."

The eye of the storm also swept over Marne, leaving its mark on The Depot Cafe, a local family owned restaurant.

"I'm a night owl so I was up all night and the wind was crazy, they said it might reach a hundred miles an hour and I'd have to believe it did," said Jim Poley, whose father owns the business.

While utility crews work around the clock to get the power back on, Jim says they restaurant probably won't be serving another meal for a while.

"When you're in the food business you gotta have electricity," said Poley, "Damage, trees, debris everywhere and this is obviously probably the worst thing I've seen. I've wanted a day off, and I guess I got one now."

Many residents in the area are still without power, some claim they saw a funnel cloud, but the National Weather Service is still investigating the area. There are no reported injuries so far.