It`s not a matter of if they are ready, It`s when they are needed.

“If we do need to go down, we have medical people, we have supplies ready to go at any time there is a disaster in Haiti,” said Tim Ryan, Director of 'Haiti Needs You'.

Ryan has been monitoring Isaac's path and impact for days and reaching out to several contacts in the last 24-hours.

“On the northern side near Port-au-Prince, he said in City Soleil, which is a slum, it`s the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere, that probably 300-500 homes are down, or the roofs are gone and there is about 3-4 feet of water flowing through City Soleil right now,” Ryan said.

Ryan says one of the biggest concerns right now, is cholera.

“The problem is, not only with the water there, but with the cholera outbreak happening during the earthquake, because this is a way for the cholera to be spread around to other communities,”

Ryan visits Haiti several times a year for mission trips and has witnessed the devastation that was left behind from the 2010 earthquake. Many people are still without homes.

“They just don`t get a break, since the earthquake and that`s one of the biggest problems right now with Haiti is the tent cities,” Ryan said.