Two people were arrested after a food fight at a Kalamazoo fast-food restaurant shortly after noon Saturday.

At 12:17 p.m. Saturday, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officers responded to a report of a large fight at the Wendy's restaurant at 2814 Portage St. Upon arriving officers encountered a loud disturbance between unsatisfied customers and frustrated employees inside the business. A physical fight had occurred both at the drive through-window and inside the restaurant. Officers found several food items scattered on the ground outside near the drive-through traffic lane.

Police said the incident started outside when four customers in a vehicle voiced their displeasure with an employee at the drive-through window. According to the customers, there was a discrepancy between the food ordered and what they received in the bags. According to employees, it was simply a communication breakdown that could have been easily rectified had the customers remained civil.

Police said that as tempers flared, fountain beverages, hamburgers and french fries all were hurled through the drive-through window, striking an employee inside. The employee then threw the food items back out at the vehicle, striking the vehicle with a carbonated soft drink, ketchup and fries. Two of the vehicle's occupants then went inside the restaurant and began fighting with employees. Punches and chairs were thrown.

The restaurant's drive-through window was closed temporarily as officers sorted out the altercation. Two customers, both Kalamazoo residents, were arrested on charges of assault and excessive noise, and were removed from the restaurant. A restaurant employee received minor scrapes and abrasions during the altercation, but did not need immediate medical attention.