From 100,000 singers... to the Season 8 American Idol winner. This is it!

Kris and Adam are dressed in white.. and the crowd goes crazy when he announces THIS is American Idol. HEY! It's Janice Dickinson, the world's first supermodel! 100-million votes were cast!

Wow; Randy went all-out tonight-- nice bow tie! Montage of Randy saying "for me" a bunch of times. Then we see Kara calling each contestant "sweetie". Paula's montage includes all of the big words she tried to use this season. Finally, they show Simon saying 'what?' and "sorry" a bunch of times. Good stuff.

HEY! It's Carrie Underwood! Adam and Kris return, to wild applause. Ryan asks them questions, but their microphones don't work.

Mikalah Gordon is live in Conway, Arkansas.. hometown of Kris Allen-- (She has somehow gotten even more annoying since her time on the show) Now over to Carly Smithson, who is hosting the party in San Diego! (Love her!!)

We get the singing started with the top 13 singing "So What" by Pink.

Our Matty G has on his signature hat, and it's good to see Megan Joy and Michael Sarver again. But seriously-- this is why I've only been to the Idols concert once. It's like really bad high school show choir. Let's hope for more, once we come back from the commercial!!

We're back! And David Cook is singing "Permanent".

This song was written for his brother, who fought brain cancer for 10 years. (He died a few weeks ago-- this must be so hard for David!) It's a great song, and he sounds amazing. *Wouldn't you love to hear a Cook/Lambert duet??*

David is teary-eyed as he hugs Ryan, then talks about putting that performance on i-tunes. The money raised will go to his charity, to raise money to find a cure for cancer.

HEY! It's Season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini! Now, it's time for the "Golden Idol Awards". First trophy goes for outstanding male (bad performers) Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle wins. To be fair, Nick is a really good comedian-- and this is hilarious. This guy needs his own show!!

Up next, Lil Rounds duets with Queen Latifah. Lil looks young and hip-- and this is how they kept BEGGING her to sing all season!

Anoop is back, so is what's her name (I forgot) They get to sing with Jason Mraz!! Now this sounds good! The other finalists are singing back up- cute.

What is that chick's name?? I have to look it up- be right back. (Alexis Grace).

We get a review of Kris's Idol journey, and see the way he's grown over the course of the competition. And Kris now sings with *his Idol... Keith Urban!

Nice-- one thing Kris has going for him is that he's hot- and the two of them together?? Ridiculous! (they sound good too)

The girls are back, singing Glamorous. And now I remember why Megan Joy went home. She looks cute, though! Allison introduces Fergie! Wonder if she'll do a walk-over again this year?? She looks good with that black hair.

Then the rest of the Black Eyed Peas come out, Fergie takes her shorts off, and they get blocked for about :10 for swearing. This is what I'm talking about, people! That was HOT!

The Golden Idols continue, making fun of contestants with bad attitudes. Bikini girl fights with Kara, Alexis gives the judges the finger, Tiffany cries, then shows why she didn't make it. Bikini girl wins, of course, and she has some new assets!