Ever since it passed back in 2008, Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law has gotten a lot of talk. Now, people around the state are talking again,  after word that 44 children across Michigan have been issued medical marijuana cards.

The Detroit Free Press reports that of those 44 kids, the majority are 16 and 17, but there 3 of them under the age of 10. State officials will not disclose the childrens' medical conditions or whether they are smoking the drug, or receiving it some other way like in a baked good.

In the article, a mother named Rebecca Brown spoke out about the medical marijuana, and how it's helped her 14 year old son named Cooper with his seizures. ""I am not a pot smoker and never in a million years thought of trying this," said Rebecca. "But when your child is suffering and you feel desperate, you consider things you may not have before." She also said that she hopes this will ignite more discussion about what she calls "compassion".

Right now, Michigan requires a minor to have 2 doctors signatures, as well as the signature of their guardian before they're allowed to have a medical marijuana card. They must also pay a $100 application fee.

Delaware and Connecticut are the only states who require users to be at least 18 years old.