We are all too familiar with the tragedies of drowning and heat-related deaths of young children, but why are the two events treated so differently? I am referring to accidents, not the parent who leaves their child in a car to get their nails done or drink at a bar.

Why is the parent or relative who forgets the 18,000-gallon body of water in the backyard is a death trap forgiven, but the dad who forgets his baby in the car is vilified?

One family is the recipient of well wishes, prayers, fundraising and visits from the Miami Dolphins. The other is facing murder chargers and hated in the press. Isn't it sad that both families suffering such an unimaginable loss can't be treated with the same love and compassion?

Maybe it's time to take a closer look at the laws that punish parents for making mistakes for which they will forever punish themselves.

Carolyn D'Amico Rampone, Plantation