Here's another look at a religious leader in South Florida. Today we're talking with the Rev. Andrew Coleman of Sheridan Hills Baptist Church, Hollywood.

Q: Is it easy or hard to become pastor of a church that you grew up in?

A: I think it's a great privilege. I came to my faith here. I was baptized and ordained and married here. All work in ministry is pretty tough. It's not easy to represent the Lord in a fallen world. But it's filled with joy and reward.

Q: Has your experience on the mission field given you any advantages in pastoring?

A: I've been immersed in several cultures for 10 years. And South Florida has become multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Now I have a clear picture of God's beautiful tapestry.

Q: Do you have an overall philosophy of ministry?

A: The biggest issue is not religion; it's relationships with God. It's hard to overstate that. Second, I emphasize the importance of God's Word. I don't want to go toward consumer or cultural Christianity. I want biblical Christianity.

Q: What's the favorite part of your work?

A: Deeply connecting with people. Being involved in their lives, their joys, their struggles. Growing and helping them grow.

Q: What's the hardest part?

A: Seeking to balance the demands each week. Making sure my heart and energy are where God wants me. Culture is strong; life is fast; all kinds of forces seek to distract us from what is important to God.

Q: How do you like to relax?

A: I really enjoy fishing and being on the water. And my daughter Cheryl Ann and I are certified for scuba diving.

Q: Favorite pastime?

A: I enjoy photography. I've traveled a lot with my Nikon D70, from deserts to mountains.

Q: What book have you been recommending lately?

A: "Bonhoeffer," by Eric Metaxas. It's a powerful story of [German theologianDietrich] Bonhoeffer's deep commitment to the Lord.


Q: Do you have any favorite films?

A: "Les Miserables." I like a story with depth and development of characters. We lived in Besancon, France, the birthplace of Victor Hugo (author of "Les Miserables"). I'd enjoyed his stories even before we moved there.