Md. casinos are pumping out billions for education. So why are there school budget deficits?

Will Smith

Cleaner and safer: Tunnels glisten after year's first wash

It's amazing how quickly months of caked-on tunnel grime can be whisked away with a jug of Soot-B-Gone and a $250,000 Mercedes-Benz.

The potent one-two punch is how the Maryland Transportation Authority keeps tiled walls in the Fort McHenry and Baltimore Harbor tunnels glistening from the beginning of April through Thanksgiving.

For the overnight scrubbing operation, workers mix the anti-soot soap with hundreds of gallons of water and place the solution on the backs of two bug-eyed, German-engineered trucks called Unimogs. Each of the four McHenry and two Harbor tubes — nearly nine miles in all — goes through the wash-and-rinse cycle about once every six...