Vivica A. Fox

Morris Chestnut has staying power

Morris Chestnut has staying power

Morris Chestnut made a name for himself as Ricky, a college-bound football star whose life was cut short, in the heart-wrenching 1991 film "Boyz n the Hood."

Since then, Chestnut has tackled a variety of roles. He's been a groom-to-be dealing with his fiancee's infidelity in "The Best Man"; an alien with a soft spot for humans on ABC's "V"; and Vivica A. Fox's love match in "Two Can Play That Game."

This weekend, Chestnut will be on stage at the Lyric for five performances of "What My Husband Doesn't Know," a "Fatal Attraction"-esque drama, written, directed and produced by Morgan State University alumnus David E....