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Tommy Lee
1st Mariner kitten becomes new 'Soft Side' star
1st Mariner kitten becomes new 'Soft Side' star

In a twist of fate, a scrappy street feline has become not only the 1st Mariner Arena mascot but the star of the latest "Show Your Soft Side" campaign ad. First Mariner general manager Frank Remesch was almost ready to leave work this fall when one of his staff called him out to the parking area -- a cat was under one of the cars. Remesch, an animal lover who rescues Mastiffs and let hundreds of city shelter animals weather Hurricane Sandy in the arena, flopped onto the concrete and proceeded to look for something furry, as one by one more of his employees came out to watch, help and bring flashlights. Worried the frightened cat would spring out and run blindly into rush-hour...