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Tom Colicchio
'Top Chef' recap, 'Sous Your Daddy?'
'Top Chef' recap, 'Sous Your Daddy?'

Just in case you were wondering, George Pagnois wants to remind everyone that he is both white and he likes girls. George does a roll call of everyone left: “We’ve got a little Asian (Mei), a lesbian Asian (Melissa), a gay black dude (Gregory) and (pointing to himself) a straight white guy.” Thanks for clearing that up, George. The final four walk into the “Top Chef” kitchen, where they see Padma and 2014 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef Southeast, Ashley Christensen. Christensen is the owner of Poole’s Diner in Raleigh, N.C. I have no idea what her Boston tie-in is. But after the past few weeks’ cameos from football players and Bravo...