Roxie Hart (fictional character)

Toby's Columbia presents a dazzling 'Chicago' in the round

'Chicago' at Toby's Dinner Theatre

Toby's Dinner Theatre of Columbia brings its jazzy, dazzling production of the musical "Chicago" to its intimate, in-the-round venue. All seats at Toby's are close to the action, which lends immediacy to this Broadway classic.

The tale, well told in Toby's production, centers on 1920s-era chorus girl Roxie Hart, who shoots her lover and persuades her husband, Amos, to assume blame for the act until he discovers this "burglar" is no stranger but a frequent and familiar visitor. This inspires Amos to let Roxie go to jail.

When Roxie meets cellblock celebrity chanteuse Velma Kelly, who killed her husband and sister after finding them in bed together, she...