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Evita (musical)

'Evita' At Bushnell: Solid But Lacking Star Quality

'Evita' At Bushnell: Solid But Lacking Star Quality

The show: "Evita" at Bushnell in Hartford. What makes it special: Tour of Broadway revival. First impressions: She's back, that Broadway leading lady who's glamorous, beloved by the masses and has a killer signature number. No, she's not Dolly Levi but that other masterful manipulator, Eva Peron. But how much you welcome back Evita and "Evita" would depend on your attraction to the sung-through score, endurance of the respectful but dull staging, and contentment with the serviceable but less-than-star-quality casting. (Ricky Martin top-lined on Broadway.) There are some nice touches, some effective moments and some good vocals on display in this...