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Goodman Theatre
Tazewell Thompson lends his seasoned touch to 'Ruined'
Tazewell Thompson lends his seasoned touch to 'Ruined'

Until this winter, Tazewell Thompson had made only one visit to Baltimore. In 1991, the New York-born and -based theater/opera director, not to mention playwright, was here as an audience member to attend a premiere of a play about Scott Joplin at Center Stage. Thompson sounds delighted to be back in town, this time to work. He's at Everyman Theatre to direct the Baltimore premiere of the powerful Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Lynn Nottage, "Ruined," which opens next week. "Where the hell have I been?" he says with a laugh. "I didn't know anything about Everyman Theatre, which is such a beautiful gem. I couldn't be happier here, and that's...