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Everyman Theatre cast romps through 'Noises Off'

Everyman Theatre cast romps through 'Noises Off'

And you thought the secret of the universe was deep. Nope. It all boils down to just doors and sardines.

This piece of wisdom gets dispatched early on in “Noises Off,” the intricately stitched comedy from 1982 now at Everyman Theatre in a diverting revival. Delivered in the mellifluous baritonal voice of Carl Schurr, as a weary director trying to get one last rehearsal out of a not-quite-top-notch troupe, the advice becomes all the more weighty — and amusing.

“That’s what it’s all about,” he says. “Doors and sardines. Getting on, getting off. Getting the sardines on, getting the sardines off. That’s farce. That’s the theater. That’s life.”

Over the space of three acts,...