Tempestt Bledsoe

'Glee' recap, 'Bash'

'Glee' recap, 'Bash'

Gay-bashing. College dropouts. Race issues. Tempestt Bledsoe impersonations. Tonight’s "Glee" had it all. Who knew a 45-minute show could make me feel all of the feels?

We open with a candlelight vigil. Kurt, Blaine and Rachel are singing “No One is Alone” as they walk the streets of New York holding candles in a group. As they lay their flowers down at a picture of a smiling face, the screen goes black to make way for the show’s title. We find out the man was a friend of their neighbor and was attacked strictly based on sexual orientation. He’s alive but in a coma.

Artie makes a point of finding the irony in the fact that, while America’s violent-crime rate toward...