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Catching Up With ... Linda Warehime

Catching Up With ... Linda Warehime

It has been 45 years since she first ran onto the field at Memorial Stadium, an 11-year-old blonde with a big smile and a straw broom that would win her fame. There, during the fifth-inning break in Orioles games, Linda Warehime would sweep off the bases, the mound and the infielders' shoes. Sometimes, she'd also dust off the shoes of the visitors' third-base coach and give him a peck on the cheek — or a playful swat on the fanny — as the fans whooped it up.

The job lasted seven years, until 1975, and earned national acclaim for Warehime. She landed in Time and Sports Illustrated, attended Orioles' parades and banquets and made appearances on television's "To Tell...