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True Blood (tv program)

'True Blood' recap, 'Lost Cause'

'True Blood' recap, 'Lost Cause'

This week’s episode picks up with the aftermath of the Battle at Fangtasia. Pam tries to talk to Willa, who has no plans to join their search to track down Sarah Newlin. Short version: Eric is a deadbeat maker who left her stranded mere weeks after turning her, and Pam deserted Tara right before her death. Drained, Eric apologizes to Willa (while sitting on his throne!) and tries to pump Willa for info on Sarah Newlin’s whereabouts, since she was basically Willa’s stepmother. Willa agrees to help him if he releases her, so he does. Turns out, Sarah has a sister named Amber Mills who just so happens to be a vampire. Willa doesn’t know where she is exactly (or how...