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The Glee Project (tv program)
'Glee' recap: Saturday Night Glee-ver
'Glee' recap: Saturday Night Glee-ver

Get your bell bottoms and platform shoes ready. We're taking it back to the '70s on "Glee." Any episode that starts with Blaine singing in a bowtie gets my vote! After learning the theme for this year's regionals competition is vintage, Bowtie Blaine recommends disco ... although everyone else thinks it sucks (except for Mr. Schu and Sue). Mr. Schu, likes the rest of us, wonder what our favorite Gleeks are going to do after graduation–namely Santana, Mercedes and Finn. In order to inspire the kids, Schu and Sue suggest they sing songs from "Saturday Night Fever" and compete for a customized white polyester three-piece suit a la John...