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Q&A: Lanham's Mario Bonds ready for 'The Glee Project'

Q&A: Lanham's Mario Bonds ready for 'The Glee Project'

Oxygen’s second season of “The Glee Project,” which premieres at 10 tonight (June 5), features a unique and talented Maryland native with a powerful story.

Lanham’s Mario Arnauz Bonds, 24, identifies himself as a, singer, songwriter, actor and dancer. But one thing that sets him apart is that he was born with Morning Glory Syndrome, which, at the age of 9, caused him to go completely blind.

Mario does not allow his disability to hold him back from the competition. We talked with Mario via email about the people who inspired him, his love for performing and how his blindness has actually helped his musicality.

Why did you decide to audition for “The Glee...