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'24: Live Another Day' recap, POTUS has no choice...

'24: Live Another Day' recap, POTUS has no choice...

It’s tea time and we’ve finally reached the all-important part of the story arch where people actually start trusting Jack Bauer.

Margot Al-Harazi is a step ahead of the United States government and has six U.S. drones under her command. Hell hath no fury like a widow terrorist.

President James Heller has no choice but to trust Jack, now that an Al-Jazeera style terrorist video hit the web, demanding POTUS turn himself in or people will die. Clever move, pulling one out of the Joker’s hat from "The Dark Knight" (RIP Heath).

But let’s not forget – Jack’s been labeled a terrorist and a traitor. And he did a psychological number on his old flame, Audrey Heller...