Shark Tank (tv program)

'Dancing With The Stars' recap, 'My Jam Monday'

'Dancing With The Stars' recap, 'My Jam Monday'

Tonight is "My Jam" Monday, where the stars will be dancing to their favorite songs. This week's credits are different than last week's with the stars all wearing headphones and mugging while "Uptown Funk" plays. Robert Herjavec of "Shark Tank" looks WEIRD in headphones - never has a man been more clearly an earbud guy.

Chris Soules & Witney Carson, Cha-cha

"Time of Our Lives" - Pitbull, Ne-Yo

Chris is having a hard time with the more technical cha-cha. He says he just doesn't get the counting.

Witney is wearing a leotard that I think is supposed to look like a blue jacket over a gold leotard, but it...