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Scandal (tv program)
Before 'Scandal' returns, a Season 4 refresher
Before 'Scandal' returns, a Season 4 refresher

Before “Scandal” returns from its two-month hiatus tonight at 9 on ABC, TV Lust recapper Lauren McEwen wrote a refresher to get you ready for tonight’s episode, “Run”: After receiving news about Harrison’s death from Quinn, Olivia and Jake begrudgingly returned from their romantic deserted island getaway. Though Jake and Olivia’s original agreement was to handle their D.C. responsibilities as quickly as possible in order to return back to the island to stand in the sun whilst wearing white hats, that dream soon died for a number of reasons.  For one, OPA was in shambles. With Liv gone, Abby, Quinn and Huck went down their own messy paths....