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Scandal (tv program)
'Scandal' recap: 'Baby Made a Mess'
'Scandal' recap: 'Baby Made a Mess'

Fitz has been calling Olivia every night, trying to figure out just what "hope" means when it comes to their relationship. But she refuses to talk to him about it until he gives her a full report on Jake’s conditions at the prison (i.e.: Is he being fed and protected from violent criminals?). Of course, Fitz doesn’t want to have her, out of all people, ask about Jake Ballard, but she won’t budge.  He doesn’t get what he wants from her, and Mellie, who he doesn’t see standing in the balcony’s doorway, overhears.  Quinn is more determined to find out who killed Caitlin Winslow now that she knows Olivia is in danger as well....