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Scandal (tv program)
'Scandal' recap, 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'
'Scandal' recap, 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'

Olivia Pope is over her parents. Like, totally done. After their plan to capture Rowan went south, Fitz, Liv and Jake search all of his hideouts. In the process, they find Maya Pope/Marie Wallace in the B613 torture hole. (Side note: After months in the hole, how is her hair still straightened? Did they have a stylist come down there twice a month with a flat iron?) They take Marie to an interrogation room and grill her with questions about Rowan's whereabouts. Of course, she knows nothing and besides, she’s too busy trying to manipulate Liv. She tries to play on her sympathies by asking her if she saw the hole where Rowan held her. When Fitz threatens her, Marie reminds him...