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'Survivor: South Pacific' recap: 'I Need Redemption'

'Survivor: South Pacific' recap: 'I Need Redemption'

Well, a new season of "Survivor" has started, and yet again, it’s going to be the most. exciting. ever.  It would be nice, just once, to see a promo that said “it’s pretty good - maybe not as good as the All-Stars season, but it’s decent.”  That, I’d make sure to watch.

We start with paddling, as we have for pretty much all the Survivor seasons.  Do they get to choose what they wear, or do the producers choose for them? Because I’m thinking the lady in the suit (Edna?) chose poorly.  Also the girl with the short shorts.  People made fun of Richard Hatch for the utilikilt, but at least it was practical.

The players from the prior seasons,...