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Richard Hatch

'Survivor' recap, 'It Will Be My Revenge'

'Survivor' recap, 'It Will Be My Revenge'

It’s the dawn of Day 4, and Dan starts the day by losing his underwear. He was trying to "do his business" in the ocean, and a wave tore them away from him. For Lindsay, this only adds to the general annoyance that is Dan. It was a really, really stupid thing to do, and I don’t think you’re supposed to be "doing your business" in the ocean.

Over at the White Collar Tribe, they finally have flint for fire. Max claims that they suck at fending for themselves because of their high-falutin’ jobs, but I’m sure that there are plenty of people with office jobs who have gone camping before. Maybe you guys just suck. Max then tries to be like Richard Hatch and...