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Revenge (tv program)
'Revenge' recap: Episode 17, 'Doubt'
'Revenge' recap: Episode 17, 'Doubt'

After six long weeks (or was it seven? I was so deep in my lack of"Revenge"in my life depression I lost the ability to count), "Revenge" is finally back. And will be all new until the end of the season (though ABC has conveniently not mentioned when the season is over, but if it is before May 30, let me tell you, there will be trouble)!  This week’s episode was a good catch-up episode — there were no shocking moments, but trying to keep up with who was framing who kept me on the edge of my seat. Everyone is on the lookout for Amanda, who is being hidden from Takeda (ironically, the person everyone should be looking for). Victoria has gone from framing...