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Pretty Little Liars (tv program)
'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Turn of the Shoe'
'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Turn of the Shoe'

“When has being dishonest ever helped me, or you, or anyone?” – Spencer Hastings Where is the RV? Can Mona still be trusted? The liars are not sure of the answer to either question, but they are sure of one thing. The masked A assailant is still kill crazy. *cut to the scene of Mona being choked in the car, and Emily jumping in front of said car to save her and Aria* What a way to start the second episode of the season. It was the return of Ashley! Back from her extended business trip to New York City, which allowed her to miss the funeral of her once fling Defective Wilden, Hanna’s mom is chalk full of secrets and a dusty pair of Manolo Blahnik’s....