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Nicole Polizzi

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, Trouble in Jersey?

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, Trouble in Jersey?

I miss one week and there was "Game of Thrones" shenanigans and they didn't kick anybody off? I can't turn my back on the mirror ball for a second.

Tonight starts with a pros/troupe routine that has a song my parents probably hated and a lot of neon. So, a total miss for the entire Watts family.

Brooke is wearing what appears to be lace accented with electrical tape. I double-dog-dare her to try and sit down in that thing.  Tom Bergeron says that next week's guest judge will be Cher. I. Cannot. Wait. That's going to be a hoot. Cher's at both the age and point in her career where she says WHATEVER she thinks. It's marvelous to...