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'Glee' instant reaction, 'The Quarterback'

'Glee' instant reaction, 'The Quarterback'

"Glee" just finished and I sit here at my laptop, torn about what to say.

I was affected, personally, when Cory Monteith passed away the day before my 28th birthday this past summer. I’ve been a devout fan of "Glee" since its incredible version of “Don’t Stop Believing” ... and believe, I did. "Glee" is a show that will embrace the campy aspects of show choirs and glee clubs, but by embracing, they’ve created a resurgence of the arts in our public school system. Suddenly, being in a high school’s show choir is the cool thing to do. "Glee" started a phenomenon and Cory Monteith has been apart of that since the very first note was...