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'Top Chef' recap, Giving it the College Try

'Top Chef' recap, Giving it the College Try

Grab your books and your pencils ... oh, wait it’s 2013. Grab your laptop, tablet and phone. We’re going back to college.

But before heading back to campus, it’s time for a QuickFire Challenge.  The cheftestants are joined by Padma and Questlove of The Roots and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to announce this week’s test. A NOLA drumline (how fitting) enters the kitchen playing and carrying a rack filled with all kinds of poultry drumsticks. See what they did there?

The chefs will each have 30 minutes to create a dish using any of the different kind of drumsticks. It’s on a first-come; first serve basis so the chefs must rush to get the ingredients they want, oh...