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'Homeland' recap: 'Why is This Night Different'?

'Homeland' recap: 'Why is This Night Different'?

Saul and Allison are attending a Seder at the home of the Israeli official Saul bluffed last week. The host prays for the fortitude to defeat the enemies of the Jewish people. He looks at Saul.

After dinner, they share a conversation about the upcoming regime change in Syria. Saul continues to bluff, but his Israeli friend knows that something is afoot.

Allison tells Saul that they need to leave. They have an operation going down, shortly.

Carrie awakens from her syringe-induced slumber, unsure of her surroundings. "Quinn! Oh, thank God," she says, unaware that her old friend is now her enemy.

"Your name's on a kill list," Quinn tells her....