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Hole in the Wall (tv program)

Game Time: 'Mario Kart 7' and 'Hole in the Wall: Deluxe Edition'

"Mario Kart 7"

Mario Kart 7 3DS/$39.99/Available Now

If you've ever owned a Nintendo console made after 1993, chances are you've played one of the many highly successful iterations of the "Mario Kart" series. This beloved staple has brought joy to millions thanks to its star-studded cast, sleek controls and cartoonish action. Now, with the release of the glasses-free 3-D of the Nintendo 3DS, Mario has found himself sitting behind the wheel once more in "Mario Kart 7."

At its core, this game is just a racer -- albeit a fantastically designed one -- filled with a bevy of goofy drivers from the Mario universe. Throw in such power-ups as speed boosts and Koopa...