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'Glee' recap: 'Loser Like Me' and 'Homecoming'
'Glee' recap: 'Loser Like Me' and 'Homecoming'

It’s that time again, folks! Glee has officially kicked off its sixth and final season on FOX. Everything about this new season of Glee feels different. I think this is mainly due to the fact the show now airs on Friday nights -- a stark redirection from its previous seasons. Friday night premiered two brand new episodes of the show so what you’re about to read is a condensed version of both. Let’s get to it! We start by witnessing Rachel’s new show getting canceled. It seems all is not right in the LA LA Land (that’s code for L.A.) A close-up of a magazine with Rachel Berry’s mug on it and the caption “Lowest rated episode in the history of...