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Emeril Lagasse
'Top Chef: Texas' recap: Episode 11, 'Block Party'
'Top Chef: Texas' recap: Episode 11, 'Block Party'

As we begin this week’s episode of “Top Chef,” I have to ask: Did anyone really miss Beverly? Over the past few weeks I had rooted for her because I love an underdog, but let’s be real: The woman was annoying. This week the final six, or top six as Lindsay points out, are ready for the tough challenges. So bring it on! Quickfire ChallengeWith every season of “Top Chef” there are a few staple Quickfire competitions. There is the cooking with junk food and the taste-test challenge (which I am still waiting for!). Tonight, the cheftestants are hit with the speed Quickfire. Padma, along with Emeril Lagasse and Cat Cora, the host of Bravo’s new show...