A half-century after MLK's death is Baltimore less segregated? Yes and no.

David Letterman

The death of 'America's Dad'

The death of 'America's Dad'

What a way to end one of the greatest careers in the history of American television and popular culture.

Your statue is removed from Disney World's Hollywood Studios Theme Park. Reruns of your groundbreaking shows are banished from the airwaves. Longtime colleagues and supporters publicly denounce you. A judge cites your self-anointed posture as a moralist as the reason to unseal a 10-year-old court document that contained the smoking gun: your own testimony that you obtained quaaludes to give to women with whom you intended to have sex.

Call it the week of the cultural death of Bill Cosby.

I appreciate what an enormous cultural force Cosby once was. In fact, I am one of...