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Cory Monteith
'Glee' recap: 'The End of Twerk'
'Glee' recap: 'The End of Twerk'

I’ll admit it. I kind of hate what Miley Cyrus has done to popular culture (even though I secretly jam out to #Bangerz on a somewhat regular basis.) For one, the tongue thing drives me insane. Every time I see her tongue, I feel like it looks thirsty and I have this urge to throw an open bottle of Fiji at my TV. I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the amount of skin she chooses to show, mostly because she’s built like a boy in middle school, so that makes things really weird. Also, I’m pretty sure I pulled a quad at the Pride block party last year twerking to “We Can’t Stop.” For these reasons and more, I went all last week absolutely dead-set on...