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American Idol (tv program)
'Survivor' recap, 'Make Some Magic Happen'
'Survivor' recap, 'Make Some Magic Happen'

It’s a story night after the Tribal Council where Kelley was sent home. Dale, obviously, is upset, but I think he’s taking it a little far when he says that she was "slaughtered" in front of him.  He says he’s not going to give up until he can’t talk anymore, which means he’s probably going to get really annoying. And yup, he is. He shows Jon his fake Immunity Idol -- to threaten him into keeping him, I guess? It looks like Jon believes him, so we’ll see what happens. Over at Hunahpu, Alec and Jeremy are talking about what they’re going to have to give up in order to get more food. They don’t want to give up their roof or...