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Adventures in Paradise (tv program)
Television Q&A: 'Twilight of the Golds,' PBS' 'Grantchester,' actor on 'NCIS'

You have questions. I try to have answers. Q: Please help me find the name of a movie I saw many years ago. I tell my friends about it and they question my sanity. It's about a couple who work in genetics of the future. They become pregnant and have the baby tested for all life's markers and the baby tests positive for homosexual tendencies and they must decide whether to have it. A: Your sanity is, at least based on this question, fine. The movie is called "Twilight of the Golds," from 1996. The cast included Jennifer Beals, Jon Tenney, Brendan Fraser, Faye Dunaway and Garry Marshall. It has been released on DVD. Q: I would appreciate your getting back to me regarding...