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Tallulah Bankhead
Stefanie Powers plays Tallulah Bankhead at Hippodrome
Stefanie Powers plays Tallulah Bankhead at Hippodrome

Here's a cool example of what-goes-around-comes-around: In 1965, a British-made thriller called "Die! Die! My Darling!" hit the movie houses. This study in strangeness and sadism starred the indelibly foggy-voiced, deliciously irreverent Tallulah Bankhead in her last film. She plays Mrs. Trefoile, a religious fanatic who keeps a tight rein on her country house and her suspiciously loyal servants. Obsessed with the recent death of her son, Mrs. Trefoile is only too happy to welcome as a guest her son's former fiancee, the decidedly worldly Patricia Carroll. That role showcased an appealing young actress, barely out of her teens, named Stefanie Powers. On Tuesday,...