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Stone Gossard

Josh Freese's extreme marketing for 'Since 1972'

Josh Freese's extreme marketing for 'Since 1972'

Drummer Josh Freese has spent a fair amount of time in high-flying circles as a member of Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses, the Replacements, a Perfect Circle, the Vandals and Devo. So when it came time to release his new solo album, "Since 1972," he figured it couldn't hurt to aim high, without ignoring the average punk or alt-rock enthusiast who might want to check it out. Freese created a tiered program in which the more buyers pay for the 11-song collection, the more they get for their money. For $7, fans can download the album from his website, but for anyone with a spare $75,000 kicking around, Freese has assembled a package that leaves the word...