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Steven Bauer

Review: 'Chavez: Cage of Glory' misses outside the fights

Review: 'Chavez: Cage of Glory' misses outside the fights

Sometimes, you just need a little help. That saying certainly holds true for Hector Chavez, the proud but beleaguered mixed martial arts fighter facing a hugely stacked deck in the action melodrama "Chavez: Cage of Glory." More important, it also applies to Hector Echavarria, the film's writer, director and star (he was also an executive producer), who could have used a serious assist with each of his creative roles before striking up his one-man band and going all "Rocky."

Echavarria, a martial arts champion in his native Argentina, takes an über-earnest approach here. But good intentions go just so far when a movie is hobbled by such risible, place...